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A Vibe Called...LUXURY - Multi Purpose Beauty Oil
A Vibe Called...LUXURY - Multi Purpose Beauty Oil
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A Vibe Called...LUXURY - Multi Purpose Beauty Oil

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It's Giving...LUXURY For Me!

Pure, Organic Olive, Rose Hip & Argon Oil Blend

This Multi-Purpose Herb Infused Beauty Oil is as pretty as it is functional! There are so many ways to enjoy it!  How will you use yours?  Here are a few ideas:

Massage Oil - massage it in to soothe sore muscles

Perfume Oil - put a drop on your inner wrists & collar bone to sweeten up your day 

Bath Oil - add a dropper full to your bath water to soften your skin while bathing

Face Oil - 2-3 drops on your face after cleansing to moisturize and target fine lines & wrinkles

Cuticle Oil - dry cracked cuticles are the worst! massage this in and around your nail bed

Hand/Foot Oil - keep your hands and feet looking (and feeling) soft and youthful

Hair/Scalp Oil - add droplets onto your damp scalp to combat dryness and dandruff

The choices are endless and it's all yours!

Did we even mention how beautiful it is to look at?  Give your bottle a quick shake and watch the Jasmine, Lavender & Rose Petals dance around. It's poetry in motion!

*scented with our Berry Sweet Fragrance Oil  - grab the bar soap and make it a set*

Take a pic and tag us on IG to show us how you Vibe with your LUXURY! @realskinfoodshop


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