Meet The Maker!

 Meet The Maker:

Hi, I'm Ciara.  Thank you for visiting my website and considering Real Skinfood for your skincare needs! I handcraft each product in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.  My goal is to help you restore your glow and achieve radiant skin with NATURAL skincare solutions.  I'm always just a message away so please don't hesitate to reach out if you need me!


How It Started:

I started exploring natural skincare in 2015 when my daughter was an infant. She started having random rashes all over and I couldn't pinpoint a cause for it. So slowly I started eliminating things from her daily care until I could determine the source of her dermatitis. When I stopped using baby soaps and lotions and started using homemade alternatives, her skin improved, and has never had an issue again. Since infancy, my daughter has only used skincare products that have been made by me (I think that's really cool, and she does too)!  She loves to watch Mommy work, and she's learning so much about natural remedies - I love that for her!
About Real SkinFood:
I started the brand because I wanted to share these nourishing alternatives with as many women as possible. I figured, if it works for us, it may also help others as well! Fun fact: the first product I ever made for sale was a natural deodorant!  

Fast forward to present day, we have just over 1300 sales, tons of 5 Star Reviews, and a tribe of loyal customers who come back often for their SKINFOOD.  I hope you'll join us! 

Your Skincare Bestie
 happy women enjoying real skinfood
At Real Skinfood LLC, we handcraft Natural Superfood Based 'Soft Girl' Skincare” products for conscious consumers who desire quality, effectiveness, and affordable skincare luxury!