Cleanse, Calm & Clarity - Self Care Bundle
Cleanse, Calm & Clarity - Self Care Bundle
Cleanse, Calm & Clarity - Self Care Bundle
Cleanse, Calm & Clarity - Self Care Bundle
Cleanse, Calm & Clarity - Self Care Bundle
Cleanse, Calm & Clarity - Self Care Bundle
Cleanse, Calm & Clarity - Self Care Bundle
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Cleanse, Calm & Clarity - Self Care Bundle

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You Deserve The Best Of YOU!

As women, we all need time and opportunity to recharge our spirits.  We pour into our loved ones without thought, and sometimes we forget to replenish!  But we all know the saying:  YOU CANT POUR FROM AN EMPTY CUP... and its sooo true.  

That's why I wanted to create these special products to remind us (women) to take time out just for ourselves to celebrate and honor our bodies and minds!  Lots of times the only space we have for solace is when we retreat to the bath or shower for 15-20 mins, and that's where this bundle comes in.  I want to help you take full advantage of that "alone time"!

This Bundle Includes:  

2 Lemon Mint & Shea Artisan Soaps  - these are not regular "everyday" soaps - they are meant to make you feel pampered and luxurious as they nourish your skin!  Made with dried lemon and fresh mint leaves to wake up your senses, as well as our organic Shea Butter and essential oils.

4 Sage Lavender & Rose Wax Melts - BE INTENTIONAL while you have this time alone. Burning sage is well known to help clear the mind and personal space of negative energies.  These wax melts are made with actual sage leaves (lavender and rose petals also) AND Sage Essential Oil!  Speak, peace, happiness and wholeness over yourself as you enjoy the aromatherapy! Focus solely on YOU, your wants, desires, and aspirations and consciously manifest them into your life!

1 Beautiful Detox - if your bath time retreat includes a soak, then this floral and salt detox is perfect for it! Its a blend of Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Lavender, Mint & Rose Buds + Essential Oils.  Just pour the contents into your bath water and relax while your wax melts burn.  Enjoy the self care as you detox your body and mind!

1 Custom Journal - this journal has your name on it, LITERALLY.  It's a place to record your private thoughts and feelings while you're one with yourself.  Check in with YOU!  Keep it in a safe place and make writing in it a part of your self love self care regimen.  


*This bundle makes a great gift for the women in your life!  If you purchase it as a gift, please be sure to write that person's FIRST NAME in the notes box at checkout so that the journal can be customized for them.  IF THERE IS NO NOTE, THE JOURNAL WILL BE IN THE NAME OF THE PERSON WHO PLACES THE ORDER.

**Gift Box and Journal designs will change with inventory - but they will always be beautiful!**

More notebooks and other crafts can be found on my craft website:

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