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Glow-IN Skin Detox Drink
Glow-IN Skin Detox Drink
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Glow-IN Skin Detox Drink

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You are what you...Drink!  Who's up for SHOTS?

Introducing our very first DIGESTIBLE Skinfood Product!

We've all heard the saying "you are what you eat".  Well it's true!  And for those of us who don't necessarily eat as well as we should (more fruits and veggies, less dairy, less fast foods and less processed foods) - it shows on our skin in the form of constant breakouts and over active oil glands!  

Yes it's wonderful that you're using all natural products, but you can help your products work even better if you detox your body from the INSIDE out! Our Glow-IN Detox drink is made to do just that! 

So what's in it?  Only the best skinfood ingredients that you already know and love from using our products!  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother), Organic Wildflower Honey, Organic Turmeric Powder and Spring Water.  Pure & Simple!  THE TASTE IS BITTER AND SWEET - best served chilled, so keep it in the fridge.

You already know that all of the ingredients used in this drink help to treat skin conditions like acne when used topically (that's why we make our products with them).  But did you know that they work even better INTERNALLY at the source?  That's why a good routine detox is so important to the skin and to our overall health in general!

Other benefits of an ACV detox include:

  • aid in weight loss or regulation
  • balancing the body's ph
  • improved immunity
  • lowering cholesterol AND
  • improved gut health 

So, are you in???  Just take 1-2 shots per day.  At least one per night (as the last thing you ingest) is suggested.  There are 12 shots in every bottle.

*We use raw, unfiltered ACV with the "mother" because the mother contains all the good stuff that our bodies need:  the enzymes, minerals, and probiotics.  So if you notice "cloudiness" or settling at the bottom of your bottle - no worries, just shake it up and go for it!

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