Beans & Seeds  - Under Eye Serum
Beans & Seeds  - Under Eye Serum

Beans & Seeds - Under Eye Serum

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Dark circles, bags, wrinkles...why are they trying to throw shade on your natural beauty???  Nobody has time for that!  Fortunately, (with consistency) you can reverse those signs of tired and/or aging skin, NATURALLY!

Our Beans and Seeds Under Eye Serum is made with TRIED & TRUE super-food oils and infused with Organic Arabica Coffee Beans for added caffeine boosting benefits (Yes, they are actually infused right in your bottle)!

So, what's in it?  We've blended super emollient Grape Seed Oil and deep penetrating Emu Oil with Therapeutic Grade Carrot Seed and Frankincense Oils to make this POWER PACKED serum for you!

Use twice daily to enjoy these benefits:

  • smooth & reduce wrinkles
  • tighten & firm delicate skin
  • rejuvenate & improve tone (no more bags)
  • plump under eye area back up for a more youthful appearance

Through its oils, this serum naturally contains antioxidants, carotene, linoleic and fatty acids, and Vitamins A C, D, E and K. Use it under eyes, on crows feet, and even laugh lines for a visibly younger looking skin!

*Bonus Tip - keep chilled for added benefits, a cooled roller ball massage will increase effectiveness and help reduce puffiness! 

NEW:  our roller balls are now Stainless Steel!

- 10 ML Bottle

And remember to rest well and drink lots of water too - it really does help!  

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